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Hi, I’m Geoff Hoff, and with my writing partner Steve Mancini, I have been creating content for the Internet for many years. We started out by writing a satirical novel called Weeping Willow. We posted chapters to our site about every six weeks and gained fans all over the world. When we decided to turn that into a physical book, we had to figure out this whole marketing thing. Over the years, we’ve studied, tried things, made mistakes and had some nice success.

We’ve taught courses on creative writing, on blogging, on marketing and many other subjects. We also both post in several blogs, write articles and work on our own books, both fiction and "how to". One of the things that people often ask us is, "How do you come up with all that content?" One of the ways we have both come up with content is to use what are know as PLR, or Private Label Rights packages.

What Are PLR Packages?

Rather than explain it myself, I decided to talk to Nicole Dean. Let me tell you a little about Nicole. She is an amazing business person and runs one of the best PLR sites around. She has been online for many years and is exceedingly knowledgeable about content and about marketing. She was very gracious and answered my questions very thoroughly. In this informative interview, you will learn:

  • Exactly what PLR is and how you can use it to increase your own business!
  • How to use the articles you buy from a PLR site so that it works the best for you and helps your customers know, like and trust you.
  • Some creative ways to use PLR content to become the expert in your field that people come to for answers!
  • And more!

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